Brands in a brand!

Christmas is coming and I can little by little feel the stress sweep over me… Each and every time, it is always the same refrain and the same question: what am I going to buy to my friends and family? Well, as I am a nice and generous person (don’t you dare contradict me!), I … Continue reading Brands in a brand!


Chinese shopping festival: Double 11!

Have you ever heard about something called "double 11"? If you don't know double 11 Global Shopping Festival, you must know Black Friday. The double 11 is the world’s largest shopping festival with 24-hour online sales, started on Nov. 11 at midnight China Standard Time (CST) just like Black Friday in the U.S.A. It was basically created in … Continue reading Chinese shopping festival: Double 11!

The FOUR Brands that changed the definition of beauty

An interesting thing that I have recently studied and thought to share with you this unique experience, is how brands define beauty. Did you realize that each one of the beauty brands are categorised themselves in a certain category of beauty. [1] For instance, Clinique is categorized as a medical approach, Max factor is categorized … Continue reading The FOUR Brands that changed the definition of beauty