The Cosmetics Box’s Story

Since our childhood, chests have always bewitched our children’s souls: treasure maps, jewels, parchments… they have always hold precious items.

Can you keep a confidence? Our box contains all the secrets of the beauty industry and we are about to tell you everything you have to know regarding makeup and skincare. Stop ! I can hear you: of course cosmetics are not only confined to makeup, but it has been used for ages to express affiliations, some ideologies or even your personality.  And about skincare, our grannies have always told us that moisturizing our skin is the secret of youth. 

We are the five guardians of the Cosmetics Box’s key. Each of us symbolises a dimension of makeup, that we are going to represent throughout all our articles.
From Europe to Asia, including Middle East, our experts brought with them beauty rituals and ancestral expertise from different regions of the world to develop our craft.

All journey long, you will have the opportunity to evolve in our world, escorted by Clémence the Lipstick Lover, Coralie our Mascara Addict, Mingzi the Concealer Indulger, Heba the Makeup Mistress and Camille as known as the Powder Chaser.

Welcome to the adventure!