Batman had better watch out!

I do not know if you have seen Sephora’s Christmas campaign in France for this year but I kind of really like it! It is called “Wonder Christmas” and stages a woman looking like Wonder Woman. [1] I know I have been criticizing a lot in my previous articles the fact that brands sometimes take the wrong path trying to sell us an idealized version of woman. So I can see you going: Wonder Woman does not exist, she is an idealized version of woman gnagnagna… Well, I do not entirely agree with that! Yes, I know Wonder Woman does not exist… such as Santa Claus by the way (I hope you were not reading this article out next to your 8-year-old child… sorry?). What I like here is that woman in general is not idealized and represented by its beauty and its perfection. She is represented as someone strong, powerful, determined and invincible! And inevitably, my feminist side stands out and I cannot more approved Sephora’s campaign!

Capture d’écran 2016-12-09 à 15.50.03.png

“People buy things not only for what they can do, but also for what they mean” – Sidney Levy, 1959

This made me realize that sometimes I was also attracted by a brand not only because its products are really good or cheap but also because of its story and the image it is conveying. Basically, that is what I like the brand Caudalie. I do not particularly find that Caudalie products are amazing and fit perfectly my skin even though they definitely are good products. However, I do really like this brand because I like the values it is spreading and above all I am amazed by its founder success story, Mathilde Thomas. Caudalie has managed to create a whole myth around its founder: she is an admirable and successful entrepreneur who succeeded in balancing its private and professional life perfectly. [2] She is often used as a model for ambitious women and one can find so many interviews of her on the Internet. [3][4]


I think you will have understood my point and I just want to finish by adding that what I find really interesting in Caudalie’s brand strategy is that they are conveying a different vision of women that we are not used to see that often in the cosmetics world. Indeed, here, the word ‘woman’ is not limited to its physique, to its beauty. It is more than that. A woman can also be successful, ambitious, determined, intelligent and so many other things. Cosmetics might help you out and give you more confidence, but you already have this in your guts. We all are Wonder Women!

End of my feminist propaganda.

Your devoted lipstick lover, Clémence.


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