When brands are trying to match you!

Have you ever find a brand you feel identified with? If not, maybe it’s time to create one… Let’s stop this joking! Personality is a key success factor in brand management. It represents the core values and emotional characteristics that are relevant to the targeted customers. Today, we will tackle this issue with the identity prism of Kapferer. Indeed, brands are fighting to differentiate themselves as much as they can from the market standards, trying to reach every single piece of pie. Yum-yum! Talking about pastry makes me think of this ingenious brand that proposes cosmetic products in shape of cupcakes, macaroons or sweets. Does it mean anything to you? No??


Come on! I’m obviously thinking about Lush. The brand personality is to propose green and hand-crafted cosmetics made of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, essential oils and herbs. One of the main characteristic of the brand is that it fights against animal testing and the respect of the environment. By this way, Lush is reflecting the vegans and the ecologists community1. This niche market has too long been forgotten by other cosmetic brands. Lush also interests individuals worried about their health and willing to consume better products, which exactly corresponds to the current culture for natural and organic cosmetics. Regarding the physique feature of Lush, the logo looks like a comic. The flashy colors are joyful and remember the spirit of the brand: don’t take yourself too seriously! That’s maybe the reason why the word lush mean delicious, but also alcoholic… The brand loves to play on words and invites its clients to a sensory and funny experience in its concept stores. Don’t come on an empty stomach, you may find some mouth-watering chocolate or ice cream cosmetics that will drive you crazy3!


Among the activist brand we also find M.A.C.2 Its engagement with women and children HIV positives, made the brand recognized for its actions in several societal concerns. The targeting « All Races, All Sexes, All Ages » is in line with its self-image and contribute to build its customer relationship. M.A.C. uses original icons like Iris Apfel4 that are far from the beauty standards. The aim of the brand is to talk to everybody and to break the classical beauty definition. Such daring for a beauty brand!

Your devoted mascara addict, Coralie.

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Featured image :

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Image 1:

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Image 2:

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