Dare to be different with La crème de la crème

It is almost Christmas and we guess that you are running wild finding the perfect gift for your friends and family just as we are. Guess what we do also have a surprise for you, and no need to wait for Santa Claus. Do you really think we could have forgotten you? Read carefully !

Regardless the number of cosmetic brands you have ever tried in your life, have you ever managed to find the one that fits you perfectly? Aren’t you tired of those uniform and boring brands that do not propose you the added value you are expecting? I’m sure you dream about a fancy looking and colorful brand … You are worth something different, that conjugates efficiency, innovation and that respects your porcelain completion. Our expertise of the cosmetic market permits us to know precisely what you need and deserve! As we have talked about in some of our articles, people are attracted by the appearance: they are more and more seeking for design and innovation, to the detriment of quality. As for us, showy cosmetics are out of fashion: being natural is not boring, it is being ourselves.

But no one is answering our SOS, no one is giving us what we really want. Is it so difficult to be fun and natural at the same time, by respecting our skin?

Ladies and gentlemen, dear cosmetics lovers, let us introduce the brand that is about to change your life, our own brand, our baby: La crème de la crème. The name of our brand speaks for itself: we put our heart and soul in this brand to offer you the best of French skincare and skinup, from moisturizing creams to BB creams, passing by treating concealers.

Ladies, we want to make your life easier from this hard period called puberty until the effervescence of the early 30. You can’t suit our products best! You young active women, who like to have fun, to hang out with your friends, always at the fashion state-of-the-art, in quest of new fresh trends, you queen of social networks, always willing to discover new things. From the middle to the upper class, in the fever of cities, you may be all different but you are all wonder women. You do recognize yourself, don’t you ? Awesome! La crème de la crème is made for you! Especially if you are also looking for products with an excellent value for money: we do have a special attention for the quality of our products while always trying to keep them affordable. Indeed, our prices start from 15€. We know what you are thinking right now: yes, we are the new rare pearl of the market. And these are no other empty words.

For sure, we know our brand won’t be alone in this booming and competitive market. And even if our main direct competitors will be the scaring Benefit and Too Faced, we are not even afraid ! As them, we will bring you freshness through a joyful experience, but even more ! Our products will have a better quality and won’t be just fancy. Prepare you to the big change … We will be the first to combine the French touch and expertise you absolutely need.  Our creation will be made with high standards ingredients to make sure we are providing the best for your skin. Our joyful and enjoyable spirit will bring a bit of lightness to your busy and stressful lives. We want you to use high quality and healthful cosmetics that won’t damage your skin. Our positioning will be similar to the one of Caudalie, but we will propose you cooler and younger products, that will make your cosmetic experience better than it has ever been!

As you may have understood, La crème de la crème is not a range of products: it is a full mindset and lifestyle. We are proud of our roots and so our brand has to represent the Chic à la française, with a fancy touch. That is why we came up with a colour conveying both idea of freshness and youth in a pure design. What about our packagings? Well, they are going to be fun and colourful, and to make your mouth water waiting for our brand’s launch, we reveal you something: our star product will be shaped as a so lovely frog! Yes, French people are incorrigible frog eaters but they are so delicious and cute at the same time !  

We make a point of honour to propose products respectful of your skin, but also of the environment. And that is why all our packaging will be eco friendly thanks to reusable materials that you will be able to reuse as long as you want thanks to refills on sale on our website.

Fresh, glimmering, out of the box, unique, La Crème de la Crème is after your own image. It is a real jester, energetic and impulsive the way you are, willing to make your lives easier and full of joy. Let’s get all together and enjoy any moment. Together, let’s not content ourselves with routine and normality, let’s quest for what is unusual and extraordinary.

But the main question you are probably asking yourselves is how did we come up with the idea of this brand? Well, to be honest with you, we were bored of the French cosmetics brands taking themselves too seriously. We were not having fun at all while buying or using our cosmetics products! As you probably know (since we’ve mentioned it before and because, admit it, you are totally addicted to our blog!), cosmetics brands are not really differentiated and it appears that they all claim the same properties. As a result, we had difficulties to make a choice between brands. We were also fed up that only American brands were perceived as funny and cool, such as Benefit and Too Faced. We, French people, are cool too! I mean, what best than French humor? La crème de la crème was born from this. We wanted to offer something different to girls and women: something fun and cool, with a French touch of humor. More than French humor, we also wanted to make our customers benefited from French beauty expertise. We strongly believe that cosmetics products have to be good for your skin and respect it. Well, yes, actually we wanted the cream of the cream for you! Finally, we also wanted a brand for ‘normal girls and women’. We did not recognize ourselves anymore in all the ambassadors the cosmetics brands chose. Do I look like Blake Lively? In my dreams! We felt like brands did not represent us as we truly are and was always trying to sell us an idealized version of ourselves. Well, enough! We are normal girls and we assume it! La crème de la crème assumes it as well: our brand was thought for you, just as you are.
Dare to be different as a leitmotif, it was essential to find someone conveying our values, a woman like you and us beautiful just the way she is and thanks to her defects. And that is how we came with Natoo, this famous youtubeuse that influences so many people on the blogosphere.


As we are a fun, cool and young brand, we are going to mainly communicate through our social networks. So if you want to follow our adventure, stay tuned, we are going to be really active on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We do know that you like to be part of a community and that you like to get advices from influencers that is why we plan to rely a lot on them: we already sent them some La crème de la crème products. We hope to get soon feedbacks and videos from them so you will know that our products are definitely worth buying! If you are already interested in trying out our products, you can from now on find them for pre-ordering on our website! You will also find many interesting things on it: our latest product launchings, publications and press releases as well as many tips and personalized advices. We have a specific area in our website dedicated to ‘normal girls’ where you could share everything you want to share: your fears, your needs, your advices, your questions and so many other things. We definitely hope to create a strong community between all of you.

Still behind your screen? What are you waiting for ?! Visit our social platforms and go shopping on our website! Many other surprises are expecting you there for you to unearth the best Christmas deals.

We look forward to hearing from your feedbacks.

Your devoted Cosmetics box team.

Anonymous. (n.d). Natoo, Youtube Wikia. ONLINE. Available at: http://fr.youtube.wikia.com/wiki/Natoo. Last Accessed 09 Dec’16.


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