Think with your HEART

You are no longer young….

She is just an average looking not too pretty that’s why she is leftover…

If she doesn’t find her other half, she will be a heart disease for me..

She is incomplete…

That’s what one of the beauty brands uses in their media; emotional attachment and desires to maintain the audience interest in the long term. [1]Beauty companies care about your continued usage of a product, and the most effective way to do this is to create variety of sentiments which can be the empowerment of self-confidence for a female. For instance, SK-II, a great technique and legacy from one generation into another. In addition, Olay, built a consistent reputation of being able to ” pass beauty wisdom” through generations and created emotional appeals.


SLICE OF LIFE with a storytelling and emotional appeal is what SK-II does in advertising themselves and believed to be extremely effective. I have to admit that their branding is extremely effective. The emotional appeal with a steady reinforcement of looking youthful in all their advertisements, SK-II has essentially cemented itself as the fountain of youth. [2]Additionally, a solid strategy in building a strong brand is having an emotional appeal. It has been said that a product is created in a factory but a brand is created in people’s heart, which makes it obvious amongst all brands, therefore, think with your HEART.

Honestly, thinking with your heart as a brand is the new BIG hit in the market to create an effective commercial full of emotional appeal, personality and storytelling to your spectators. Slice of life strategy has been a trend within our market where different companies implement it and compete with each other’s. Indeed, Slice of life, is about showing the audience a real situation to let them experience it, and live these moments. Most of the time these moments are full of emotions and before we go further, have a look at this incredible video that ‘I’ myself felt emotionally attached and brought tears to my eyes.

Yes, it is a BRILLIANT idea! Yes, it is full of EMOTIONS; touching, disturbing, and delightful moments. BUT it doesn’t stop here, it turns to be a personal MESSAGE which is about celebrating the independent day, changing the future by being an independent woman, and not letting pressure dedicate your future. This makes us believe by supporting a brand that supports positive reinforcement and female empowerment, buying their brand will also make us feel pretty awesome about ourselves too.


SK-II is one of THE luxurious and favourable brands in the world and particularly among Asian audience. [3]Furthermore, their brand identity prism is relevant to their storytelling in which they have used their culture (Asian culture; marriage), their Japanese language, showed the young people who are growing old, and finally, placed their colors which are white and red. All of this has been linked together with their brand identity prism.

Always remember, whilst branding, heart is what you think with as emotions win the battle.

Your devoted Makeup Mistress, Heba.B.


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