Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Artistotle told once “beauty is a great recommendation than any letter of introduction.[1] And this is so true! Have a look at the advertising campaigns of beauty brands: the most gorgeous and famous people living on Earth represent their products. How many times did I envy the beauty of Charlize Theron and how many times have I been jalouse of Amanda Seyfried? Countless times! But have you ever noticed that all cosmetics advertising are similar? When we consider that they try to make us believe they are unique…

Whether brands are communicating through TV spots, social networks, magazines, billboards etc they all use endorsement. WAIT! What is endorsement? Well, it is a marketing technique that uses celebrities to promote products or a brand thanks to the image and values they convey. Some may think it is superficial but in fact it represents several advantages as enhancing the brand awareness, attracting consumers and winning their loyalty thanks to celebrities they admire, positioning a brand based on the values and image represented by the celebrity but also influencing the purchase decision of the consumers.[2] Actually, I follow some cosmetics brands on Instagram and they all use celebrities -in almost all their posts!- to communicate : L’Oréal Makeup even calls Blake Lively a “Lorealista”.
Hey, I also do want to enter this club !

                              15328264_10210924038634258_443497774_n       15328415_10210924038834263_1366432689_n.jpg

Choosing the right muse to promote a brand may be tricky as various factors come under consideration, such as:[3]

  • The performance, which implies how successful and fulfilled the celebrity is in life
  • The degree of trust you have in a celebrity related to the action he/she is famous for, for instance
  • The beauty and sex appeal of the person
  • The fame of the celebrity: indeed, if people are not able to recognise her/him, where is the interest?
  • How much the celebrity fits with the product and so on. Indeed, it is highly important to pear the product with the right face, as we can see on the pictures above where these women fits absolutely with message the brand wants to convey and the audience.

But endorsement may also have negative effects in some situations regarding what scandals or facts people associate with a given celebrity! Of course Lindsay Lohan doesn’t seem to be the right person to convey a positive image of your brand… To be more serious, endorsement represents a risky investment, first of all because some campaigns may reach staggering amount of money (Nicole Kidman asked Chanel for 2.9 million euros for a 4min sport, Guerlain rewarded Sophie Marceau 1,2 million euros…)[4] And mainly because celebrities’ private life may differ slightly from the brand image and cause damage to it, as it is not rare that consumers boycott some brands after some scandals.

On the other hand, some companies has took an advantage of the rebel side of some celebrities to break the rules, to take some distance from the traditional landscape and offer something new to the consumers. This is the case for the Rock’n’Roll Queen, Kate Moss, as known for her escapades as for her mysterious beauty[5] a beloved muse we all forgave, as we can saw below in all her splendour to present the Dior Addict Lipstick.


We all already know that breaking codes is trendy, and some companies are pushing endorsement beyond by using new kind of muse. What if I tell you “Rick Genest”? I am pretty sure most of you do not know him. Zombie Boy may ring a bell to some of you: he is the tattooed hobo discovered by Thierry Mugler’s creation director. And what? He is no one basically but he has become the mascot of the company and has since appeared in some other commercials, such as for L’Oréal. In order to promote its new dermatological product Dermablend from Vichy for people suffering from serious skin problems, L’Oréal opted for really different advertising codes in 2011, from what we are use to see for dermatological products commercial: centred on the science and expertise, and endorsed by people representing natural beauty and wellbeing. And really, this is one of my favourite commercial and I hope you will enjoy it!

More recently, it is Biotherm’s turn to come up with an original campaign for its product “Total Perfector” for men. Indeed, the company has dared to propose an advertisement centred on basic people –sorry to tell so- that looks to a certain extent like an Axe commercial. Down with glitz and glamour, make some room to character and reality! The message is clear: you can take care of your skin without taking yourself seriously.

And I have experienced something for you: I have showed two of my friends a Nivea advertising with the handsome Patrick Dempsey and the Biotherm’s one in order to see their reaction. And while they have started looking at their phones after 30sec of the Nivea spot, they actually had a lot of fun watching the original Biotherm commercial. They told me then that they do not believe in what brands try to make us believe as all these advertising with famous people are just dramatization.


And they are quite true by the way! The beauty commercial has we are used to extol perfection, overplaying to a certain extent. I am sorry Demi, but you can’t be that so perfect at 50 years old! Thank you Photoshop.

And today, we are heading more and more back to natural beauty, and no one still believes in perfection. And so famous youtubers and bloggers such as Bethany Mota and Lisa Eldridge are becoming the new influencers[6]. They contribute to a high involvement rate towards brands and consumers tend to trust them more, as basically they are normal people just like you and me, that test the products for us. But let’s be realistic: celebrity endorsement still have a rosy future!

Your devoted powder chaser, Camille.

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