Don’t tell me a story!

Sometimes, it seems like brands are telling you fairy tales … Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? If Snow White is a bite old fashion, brands may have another narrative to tell you! They will pretend that their products will reveal the “femme fatal” that is insight you, or that they have a tailored-made solution for all your slight worries. You have probably eared about Storytelling? I’m sure you do! This powerful marketing tool is used by many companies to create a universe all around the brand and to relate you a story you feel identified with. Storytelling is more and more used by brands thanks to the booming of digital technologies and social media. Compared to the other communication technics, it is more focused on the information content rather than the product benefits.


Let’s begin with Maybelline storytelling and its revolutionary double-sided brush mascara that has been launched in 2013. “The Girl with the Big Eyes” is the mysterious story of a female spy that use the new 360° mascara as a secret weapon in the game of seduction1! The story aims to persuade that this innovative technology is what women need to get a unique look. It is presented as a thriller filmed in New York in the 60s2. You can find it on the website with other interactive contents such as photos, GIFs and quotes. People can share this content to social media with a simple click. This strategy has increased tremendously the number of visits on the website with 72% of the traffic coming from Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook3. Later in the campaign, “The Girl with the Big Eyes” came to life on Twitter for a day, interacting with followers and creating a real relationship between the brand and the audience. This storytelling has been a great success for Maybelline that involved its customers and gathered a big community through social media4.


Among the successful storytelling, we also find La Roche-Posay. This cosmetic brand is more focused on the customer rather than the product. La Roche-Posay promises you to find a solution to all your skin problems. On the website, you can get some medical support, a bite like if you where at the dermatologist! Those guys explain you how to clean your face or how to select the adapted product to your type of skin1. There is also a section dedicated to testimonies and sharing of experiences that creates a real customer intimacy. There, people can confess widely their happy end story to the audience. It seems that dreams come true thanks to this wonderful solving problem brand! La Roche-Posay differentiated itself in the market by providing a high quality content that gather successful tails and experts’ advice5.


What about Chanel? One of the pioneer of Storytelling? As Coco Chanel said “In order to be irreplaceable one must be different.” To put it in practice, Channel has a strong digital marketing strategy, using interactive contents such as interviews, short videos, historical image and behind-the-scenes stories1. The section “Inside Channel” of the website is dedicated to its storytelling. It is divided in seventeen different chapters, all representing a part of the Channel myth. Among the short film story of Channel, we can find “Once upon a time” that has been produced by Karl Lagerfeld in 20136. It presents the beginnings of Coco Chanel in the fashion world. In 1913, she opened her first shop in Deauville, where she proposed breakthrough hats that will revolutionize the trends of that time. Now we are done with the struggling corsets and the classical skirts, let’s were jackets and jerseys! Karl Lagerfeld chose obviously Keira Knightley to represent Coco Channel. Indeed, the actress was already the icon of the perfume Coco Mademoiselle. Nowadays, Coco Channel remains the symbol of the brand and is the protagonist of Channel storytelling. In the different videos Chanel represents an art of living, a way of thinking, an independency and a vision. Among its key makeup products, we find the lipstick Rouge Coco, a remake of the legendary red lipstick of Gabrielle Chanel. As Coco said: “Red is the color of life, of blood, I love red.” Once again, storytelling is used to market Chanel’s products and let people imagine themselves wearing the lipstick of the icon of the French elegance.

As you understood, storytelling is not really focused on the product but more on the customer and how he feels identify with the story. The brand has to tell him how his life is going to be better with the product. For that, it will create an atmosphere and make feel the customer that he is the hero of the story!

Your devoted mascara addict, Coralie.

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