The FOUR Brands that changed the definition of beauty


An interesting thing that I have recently studied and thought to share with you this unique experience, is how brands define beauty.

Did you realize that each one of the beauty brands are categorised themselves in a certain category of beauty. [1] For instance, Clinique is categorized as a medical approach, Max factor is categorized as celebrity factor, Olay is categorized as a skin improvement, L’Oréal is categorized as exquisite beauty, and so on. However, all these brands and more are associating some trigger emotions such as desire, self-esteem, and feeling beautiful or attractive.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-13-06-53It is interesting to know that all of them are cosmetics but how they see beauty differentiates them and makes them have their own brand identity. While doing this, it also makes them gain the trust of the customers. [2] Using Clinique as an example, it is a cosmetic brand but how they define the concept of the beauty leads them to have their brand equity positioned on the market uniquely. Also, by using their promise message in every T.V advertising, which is allergy tested and fragrance-free products, it make gain the trust of the consumers. As you will see in the video below, they create the brand equity, which is consumer perception that includes, both knowledge and experience with a brand and its products.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-13-05-50Another brand that changed the definition of beauty is Benefit. Benefit perceives the concept of beauty as the natural look and no more faking it with makeup. It is a cosmetic beauty brand where it sells different categories of products such as skin products, eyebrows, mascaras, lips sticks, foundations and more. [3] The way they are viewing beauty is having a natural look as an example; cheek stain is a product that is used on your cheeks and lips, by using it you will get a natural look on your face. Moreover, their promise message is ‘laughter is the best cosmetic’, this reflects on the promise message and for some reason they are both linked together where once the consumer view their products, they will understand the beauty concept  which Benefit has. Furthermore, the video below illustrates their beauty concept and through it, you will be able to have a full understanding of their image.

Olay, on the other hand, is defined as THE brand for skin improvement beauty. Thisscreen-shot-2016-11-28-at-13-06-04 brand is viewing the concept of beauty from a new perspective where it is all about taking care of your skin. Their promise message is “Your best beautiful”, where they are linking the beauty with the Skin, hence, thanks to their products you will have the shining skin where you will be beautiful.  This is another way to show how their beauty concept is perceived in a different way, where Olay wants to have a fresh image of their brand through different campaign’s in order to celebrate women who are their ‘best beautiful”. [4] Their image is all about WOMEN who believe that there is always a room to be and feel better as well as look better, Also, their image is about WOMEN who fight for the equality and never give up for their rights, and finally, WOMEN who commit in bringing the best in themselves by beauty and share it. Below a video of 30 seconds that describes the image of the beauty concept for Olay.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-13-06-22Finally, MAC the famous brand that is standing out on the beauty market as a professional make-up cosmetic. [5] It started in the direction of selling their products for make-up artist professionals, models, actors… Their aim was to target those audiences but nowadays they got wider in the world and their products are sold for direct customers as well.

According to the New York times website, “[…] The company does no other advertising. Yet it has grown to be a major force as a makeup-artist brand, or a line developed by cosmeticians for models in fashion shoots or actresses in films. Department stores, whose counters had been dominated by the large cosmetics houses, have begun to add lines by MAC […]”

This is to show that this brand is viewing cosmetics as a professional thing; they are not viewing beauty or make-up like a medical approach, or a natural thing as we have seen above in this article. Instead, they are seeing it as it is a “make-up” but the unique thing about it is that their image of the brand is for the professional make-up artist and for the audience who LOVE makeup.

The unique thing about this brand is that they have a tutorial videos for their products but I am sure you are all wondering that it is not an astonishing thing!! HOLD your thoughts MAC provide tutorial videos in which the professional Make-up Artists from America, Spain, China, Lebanon, and more countries apply the make-up on Models. Gregory Arlt’s; director of Makeup Artistry based in NewYork, have several tutorial videos and one of them is how to create an elegant liner look with three steps. This tutorial video will be useful for you in order to do your eye liner in a minute!!!

Well, my lovelies it seems we have reached into the end of this journey but before leaving you I have a confession to share with you and it might me an advice at the same time for you!!! Pick your make-up brand wisely because the moment you start following the brand is the moment where you might have a different definition of beauty. ‘I’ for an example, the definition of beauty changes once I start using or following a certain product of a brand. Nowadays, I am using Clinique as peeling, doing mask, and putting cream on my face. Once I started doing this, I stopped putting any foundations or powder on my face because I believe that the beauty is all about skin care. Hence, once I used Clinique products I stopped using the make-up due to my believe towards beauty and that’s how this brand reflected on the beauty concept definition on me.

Your devoted Make-up mistress, Hebah.B


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