Caviar is the new cream.

It is the end of the month, and as every month you have to choose between going out with your friends or eating. And while you are trying to make ends meet, some people somewhere on Earth are putting caviar on their face. Yes, you have read it well, and this is not a new beauty ritual like putting cucumbers on your eyes: I am here talking about a cream, and I know that I have just piqued your curiosity!

I am pretty sure you have already heard about La Prairie, and for those you haven’t don’t be ashamed, you are not about to use these products yet. This Swiss brand is the pioneer in the anti-aging segment and is monopolizing the market of luxury skincare, thanks to products composed of exceptional and unique ingredients.[1] And among all the prestigious skincare proposed by the brand, you can find a range of creams based on caviar. What for? It is supposed to increase incredibly the benefits of the cream for your skin. [2] But at about 400€ for 50ml, it has to be efficient !


You may wonder how some people can afford this kind of products and if these kinds of premium products really have some success. Well, in fact they do! Whereas brands are targeting the mass market by offering a wide range of products at competitive princes; premium brands as La Prairie has positioned in a very different way and they support “the less is the best”, regarding product choice. And so they propose a smaller range of products but with a very high quality, that justify the expensive prices. Of course, if the price is not in line with the expected quality, they can go out of business directly![3] And another key reason for why it works is that consumers are really proud of being associated with these luxury brands and it gives them a social status they are seeking for.[4]

And what about the brand value? Well, here La Prairie is also running a different way. Whereas some other luxury brands as Chanel promote their products thank to charismatic muses and benefit of its notoriety to reach consumers’ interests, La Prairie is branding itself in a totally different way by putting ahead its strong technical expertise of cell regeneration[5]. With this particular brand strategy, we can guess that La Prairie is not competing with luxury brands at the top of the podium; and despite of its rather weak brand awareness among the general cosmetics market’s customers, it can rely on faithful consumers. And believe me that we are not going to pity them!
The last thing I would like to share with you today is the difference between the cosmetics commercials we are used to see with glitz and glamour, and the La Prairie ones, that focus on the expertise of its professional experts and the high quality of its products. [6]

To go back to the Caviar Cream, are you doubting of the efficiency of this product? I am too! By the way I am launching a crow founding campaign in order to rise founds to be able to afford this miraculous cream to try it, especially for you guys. What I would not do for you guys…

Your devoted powder chaser, Camille.

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