Natural beauty as a watchword

Take a backward step and imagine how you would see today’s beauty industry. Have you ever thought that makeup and skincare organic products would have become as important as they are nowadays? Have you ever doubt of they efficiency ?

Well, luckily we are here to share with you this unique experience where you will feel that you are having some magical ingredients advices about beauty from your grandma!

In old days people used to combine some magical natural ingredients according to their grandma’s advices in order to take care of their skin properly, which can solve any problem that your skin suffers from. Today, many brands produce natural products for skincare. The most surprising thing is that they have a favored position in the market, and highly loyal customers. Whether you are a makeup addict, skin care follower, curious person about business brands, or even a loyal reader; I am sure you are wondering who those brands are, what the products are, how companies have positioned themselves in a favored position on the market, but also how they have managed to win the loyalty of their consumers! Well, lovely readers, we are about to answer to all these questions that are in your mind.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 21.26.20.png

[1]Having a fresh clean face by using black sugar and charcoal; [2]get the sparkle skin by using rosewood, sandalwood, and absorbent charcoal; and [3] finally treat your spot by using a powerful combination of rosemary, thyme and tea tree, as well as antioxidant-rich grape juice and witch hazel. And all these recipes and more are delivered by the most powerful organic brand on the market: Lush!

Indeed, they ensured their consumers that there are not using any chemical ingredients in their products. For instance, [4]the happiness creamy eye shadow is composed of golden-bronze pigment, mixed with a base of rose petal infusion with cupuaçu butter and glycerin to help it glide on and blend easily. Almond and jojoba oils are blended through to soften the skin and care for the delicate eye area. This nature eye shadow will make you glow without any chemicals product that will harm your skin.


Since Lush has revealed these marvelous beauty products, there is no need to ask your Grandma for her magical recipes anymore. [5]An interesting point about Lush is that it came up with this astonishing idea and it succeeded in reaching its targeted customers as well as having reasonable prices. The small secret about Lush starts from the core concept where it is composed of organic cosmetics and social responsible behavior. Indeed, this sets them uniquely in the market among their competitors by offering a wide range of natural products. Furthermore, the company states that it is important for the brand equity to differentiate itself from the competitors. Additionally, the main advantage for Lush is that they can gain customer loyalty, since customers will enjoy the rare thing for this beauty brand positively and choose this brand over its competitors. Finally, Lush ensures that it doesn’t realize any animal-testing in order to stay in line with its environment-friendly positioning.

Nowadays people are getting more and more eco-friendly and aware of the importance to preserve the environment, which lead us to wonder how brands get involve with this. Beauty brands always have a look into the market and what is new in it, also they always search for reaching customer’s needs and desires in a different way in order to be positioned uniquely in the market. A good example that was explored previously is Lush. [6]On the other hand, another successful cosmetics brand has also reached a huge success into the organic market by positioning itself as a great defender of human rights and faire trade.

I am sure you are all wondering which brand it is, but let me first give you some few tips about their beauty ingredients. [7]Always wanted to have a moisturized and soft lips all day long without using any chemicals that may harm your lips in the future. The frosted Berries lip Balm with cranberry seed oil, fresh juicy berries, white flowers, creamy praline and sweet vanilla is the best to treat this but wait, how come such brands like these get involve with consumers and succeed with their marketing strategy? Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here talking about The Body Shop.

lybc-image-lockup-1002x1098Additionally, it succeeded in differentiating itself in the market based on their five core concepts, which are anti use of animal testing, trading fairly, eco-friendly, high self-esteem, and fight for the human rights. These five cores are the weapons for the Body Shop brand. Finally, the beauty brand always have brilliant ideas to reach out new customers as well. As an example, the body shop located at La Defense in Paris has reached out new customers while doing a great promotional campaign. Furthermore, the marketing campaign took place, two years ago where they have asked the people who were shopping at the shop that they have one minute to get whatever products they want and it will be free. Yes, PRODUCTSSSS and FREEE!! This what made the body shop make a huge marketing buzz at that time and made new customers because of it. How cool and brilliant is that?!

We are living in a world where everything is changing continuously around us, and indeed we are becoming aware of what’s happing. For the moment, I will have to stop my sweet makeup mistress readers and looking forward to update you with my next article that will just blow your mind!!!!

Your devoted Makeup Mistress, Hebah.B

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