When luxury brands make you feel unique

It’s not a secret that luxury brand buyers’ needs are quite different from those of traditional buyers. With more resources and generally less time available than the average consumer, the competition for their money and attention is fierce among all the premium brands. So how do luxury brands amp up your attraction to them and manage to stand out from the crowd in the luxury customer’s mind? In fact, it is all about the experience they are building around the brand. Let’s see what are the two main rules. Here we go!

1. Know your customers like the back of your hand

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is a practice ignored by all brands too often. Not all luxury buyers are driven by the same motivations or respond the same way to marketing tactics, and failure to tailor your efforts to your specific audience’s needs could be costly.[1] As an example, marketers like Chanel were lauded by consumers not only for brand value, but for having the best customer experience in the business. “Once you have a great product, people are what matter most.” said Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, New York. [2] That is to say, when customers come into the shop, the sales force must quickly know what they want, just like if they had the magic power of mind-reading, which helps them having all the intention of the consumers as they are thinking like “Ok well, this guy knows perfectly what I need and he is going to give me what I want”.


2. Perception does matter: we are unique!

Just recall your last experience when you entered a luxury cosmetic brand store; was it the same as before? Actually in order to “make a great customer experience happens in 30 Seconds”, there are some techniques. You customer service greeting is not just stating your name, the company’s name, or your agent ID. Please, that’s not a GREETING! A true greeting in good customer service delivery is like welcoming a close friend.

You are on the customer’s side.
You are their agent.
You are their lifeline.
You are the one they can rely on.
You know what their favourite colour is.
You are the concierge that will make sure that the customer’s needs are fulfilled. [3]

By acknowledging their presence, they will feel important and will see that you are friendly and helpful. The golden rule is to make them feel unique, this is where luxury brands’ experience is far different from other brands. If you need to communicate with your consumer, as a luxury brand, are you really going to send him an e-mail? Of course not! You are instead going to send him a handwritten note with his name at the top of it. Also, many stores choose to play some music which is related to their brand advertising and brand values. It will make sure to attract customers when they come into the store in the very first second and to make them feel special emotions. Do you want your consumer to feel relax after a long working day? Choose a peaceful music. Do you want your customer to be full of energy when getting out of your store? Let’s convey waves of dynamisme.
And what about when you have a last minute date and don’t know how to makeup? Should I rather choose a glamorous smocky touch or should I rather go for an irresistible natural look? The solution is to go asking directly in store for a professional advice and as a bonus, they will realize your perfect makeup. That is for instance what Yves Saint Laurent did in order to enhance the consumer experience: they filmed their clients during all the different steps of the makeup process and then, they send them a case containing the video with all the details of the different stages, so that they would be able to renew this makeup at home. [4]


We have all already heard about the rule that the client is the king, and all companies are trying to apply it the best they can. But luxury brands are doing much than that: they pamper you !

 Your devoted concealer indulger, Mingzi.

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