Watch out! Cosmetics brands keep a close eye on you!

You have probably already heard of X and Z generation, even if you can never remember what it stands for (come on, don’t act innocent!). Well, basically those generations either grew up or were born with the Internet. And that is when it happens. They became addicted to it. But they were not the only one. Their parents too! It was like a viral addiction that you could contract the minute you would touch a laptop! In 2015, Internet users would spend around 4,4 hours on the Internet from a laptop, and 2,7 hours from a mobile phone. [1] I KNOW: SO IMPRESSIVE!

Cosmetics brands saw a huge opportunity: they decided to take the bull by the horns and to conquer digital! The first step happened when some of them decided to diversify their distribution channels and opened online shops: with more than 25% of cosmetics purchases made online in 2015 and a growth 4 times faster than the physical distribution, I think we can say that it was a pretty good idea. [2]

The second revolution occured when they realized that there were actually other huge opportunities than only diversifying their distribution channels: they could learn more about their customers and collect precious data. And this is where we kind of freaked out while doing researches for this article: they know and register so many things about you!! Where do you live, where do you come from, how old are you, they even know what is your skin tone! Indeed, when you fill in their form when you buy something online or when you want to make a skin diagnostic, they get all these pieces of information and keep them, so that they could send you afterwards targeted newsletters or offers.

Ok, I know you probably feel stalked right now and start panicking BUT there is some good in their strategy. Yes, really! Indeed, the digitalization definitely allowed personalization for their customers. For example, it prevents you from being spammed by emails telling you that this new cream for dry skin is awesome while your skin is terribly oily. Some brands even created “personal space” in their website in order to help you out: you fill in a form and the brand then acts like a friend of yours helping you facing your skin’s problems. The brand Nivea is definitely a good example: they give you targeted advices, coupons, even free trials; basically everything you need to feel special! They even know where you are and inform you about the weather! [3]

Capture d’écran 2016-11-20 à 18.59.38.png

But L’Oréal is probably the best in creating proximity with its customers through the Internet: from tasters’ club to contests, personalized advices and make up tutos! [4] They really make you feel like you are part of the brand and that your opinion matters! They even created an app Makeup genius where you can realize virtual makeup! [5] You chose some products that you can directly purchase afterwards if you were convinced by them, or you can try out some looks that L’Oréal made for you. I can see you going: of course, I tried it out for you. So basically I did not have any make up while using the app and this is how I look with a L’Oréal mascara, eyeliner, bronzer powder and lipstick (on the left) and how I look with L’Oréal “Fatale Queen Look” by Karim Rahman (on the right). I do not know if I managed to become a fatale queen with this app but this is definitely really cool!

Your devoted lipstick lover, Clémence.

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