Don’t judge a book by its cover!

May the ones that still believe that physique doesn’t matter raise their hand? I apologize but you are wrong guys; the truth is that image is really important. Of course skills play a great role, but they are unfortunately not involved in snap perception.

We had been wondering for a while why companies focus all their energy in their marketing strategy, and here is the answer: the brand image influences our preferences[1]. We can hear you: “no I am no that easily influenced”, “I know what I like or not and stick on my position” and so on. But here are the facts!

Strangely -or not-, brands we tend to prefer are the ones with the biggest marketing budget[2], that is to say the ones we see everywhere on the magazines, at TV, or the ones that are represented by our favourite celebrities. To convey their message, they are playing with colours, designs, story telling… but mainly by creating a unique brand identity and a particular brand essence to which we would identify ourselves and would feel connected to.

Don’t panic, we all have been fooled and we have to say that they did it well: the unique design of the brand appeals us so much and who has never dreamt once to be their muse?

Welcome back at the time of the Cold War!
Brands work twice as hard to position themselves better than their competitors in our heart and they resort more and more to blind testing to prove that our perception of the different brands may be biased and then try to change our opinion in their favour[3].

And this may lead to some surprises. Take a sit: your favourite brand may actually not be your favourite one! We are so focused on all the brand’s components that we may forget the essential: what about the quality? Has the brand image became more important than quality? We are not assuming that the most beloved brands neglect the quality of their product, but they may not be the one that fits the best of requirements. What a pity, as a wise man told once that

“ A strong brand is a product that conveys to customers value that they desire”[4]
Giep Franzen

In order to try our sayings, we investigated in the street to test two lipsticks from different brand categories: a luxury one and a mass-market one. And even some guys have experienced a great interest when we asked them which lipstick they would rather offer to their girlfriend. And guess what? They have also chosen the Armani lipstick!

Still not convinced that brands control our perception? Watch our video to discover which brand gave the best quality results!

Your devoted powder chaser, Camille.

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Featured image:
Golding, J. (2011). Superficial Success, Woman on Top. ONLINE. Available at: Last Accessed: 22 Nov’16.


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