The Makeup war

Raise your hand up if you have never felt submerge among the huge choice of lipsticks or nuance-coloured eye shadows.. No one? Of course not, we are surrounded by so many brands. But how to choose the right one? You don’t need to be a marketing expert to have already noticed that there are many differences among them !

Indeed, each brand positions itself differently, based on its brand image, brand identity, packaging, emotions, product image, customer experience, quality, and much more creative tools in order to put their brand in one of the top market cosmetics. Moreover, brands always think outside of the box and try to be competitive in positioning itself. Let’s first have a look at a brand with an exclusive positioning. [1]According to marketing trends website, “Peter J. McHale, vice president of R&D in the U.S., says that Chanel focuses on a long-term vision to achieve its long-term success, a commitment visible throughout the organization” . In short, the quality of their product is more importance than the emotions conveyed by their products and their brand image, which has already been deeply rooted in the luxury market for ages.


“Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.” Coco Channel

Normally secret recipes are not supposed to be disclosed, but we are about to share with you the main ingredients of Chanel success: a pinch of innovation and a lot of creativity. Moreover, they have created mirror light when using makeup, in order to recognise the product. They believe that the mirror light is the key for beauty. The mirroright is not only for the product but also for how customers looks like. Furthermore, the mirror light includes five types of light, including daylight: natural light, fluorescent light, and candlelight, can be switched on with the touch of a button. Of course, you can’t have the same makeup at work than when your joining your friends in a bar after a long day!

Let’s see a different positioning strategy with Benefit, a successful American brand that focuses customer experience. Its strategy is to get a natural beauty look with the magical Benefit touch! 

Their positioning strategy is very uncommon compared to the other brands. They have been using this strategy in several countries but with different categories. [2] For instance, they have used the Temptation Telephoto that has been placed day in the Center of London. Would you have been brave enough to answer this phone? You would better have to, as people were rewarded with a unique experience: 10 minutes of fame, starting with a professional makeover session. Then, they were brought on stage at a London’s iconic place to take the mike and start singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, accompanied by a band. How cool is it !

Your devoted makeup mistress, Hebah.B

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