When your man starts spending more time in the bathroom than you do…

When it comes to talk about skincare products, do you still think that they only have beauty products for women? Actually 2016 may be the year when men finally realize that skincare and hair products are a worthwhile investment.[1] It was high time to wake up gentlemen! And surprisingly, this trend has mainly taken off over the last past year in South Korea and China.

Indeed, in South Korea men are no longer outsiders on the beauty and personal care market. They are more likely to choose what they want for their skin and also purchase their own beauty and personal care products. Actually there are two main factors that have stimulated the market in men’s skin care in South Korea. First of all, the market players have been sending continuous marketing messages that suits perfectly to this new segment such as teaching them how to use the different products that are available to us properly and to make them understand the benefits of taking care of their skin. In a way it is a good news for all of us ladies: in a few time, our boyfriends won’t comply anymore about the time we spend in the bathroom ! Asian men are realizing more and more the importance of being clean and how to properly use make-up in order to convey a good impression in workplace or in the job market by using skin care products. So like the company Estée Lauder Co. is increasingly developing products for its male-targeted Lab Series first in Asia, which account for more than 60% of the line’s business and is growing at a rate of 10% to 12%, compared with a world-wide average of 8% to 9%. The company developed its BB cream, or “blemish balm,” specifically designed for the Korean market. [2]

Now, let’s move to China where male-specific products have proven successful, with two thirds of Chinese men who use facial cleanser opting for a men-only one. L’Oréal Men Expert dominates the category, but its market penetration rate of 5% demonstrates how much growth is possible. [3]


Due to several market studies, L’Oréal researchers have found two phenomenon in China. Firstly, Chinese men increasingly see appearance as a key to evolve better in society and so a new way to professional success. So it is more and more popular among Chinese men to buy skincare products. Secondly, 54% of Chinese men are likely to surf the internet for three or more hours, while only 13% said they would watch TV for that long. And also half of Chinese men used the Internet last year to gather information about fashion and beauty trends, and 55% are looking for beauty trends through social media. [4] The company realized that online marketing is an efficient way to go. So they changed their strategy in China by using celebrity endorsement and turning to the digital marketing in Tmall and Jingdong in order to occupy the market in China quickly and correctly.

Nowadays, the Asian market is always the largest market in the world regarding beauty. With the great increase of sales in men’s skincare products, more and more brands aim at the market in Asia.

So good news for beauty companies as it represents a great opportunity for them, but it is creating new issues among couples : how to manage time in the bathroom on the morning when you and your boyfriend are both late ?

 Your devoted concealer indulger, Mingzi S.

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